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"SANTERIA" is a (((SUBLIME))) tribute band in Long Beach, CA.

The tribute is to commemorate, celebrate, and respect the music and memory of the late Bradley Nowell, the band (((SUBLIME))) and also the city of Long Beach, CA.

Long Beach is not only a city, its a culture, a lifestyle and also the origins of (((SUBLIME))) music.

The music of (((SUBLIME))) and Bradley Nowell is one of a kind, timeless, and is held together though generations in a blended form of Reggae, Ska, and Punk Rock. "SANTERIA" will recreate the music, energy, and performance of SUBLIME and will share it with respect for people to enjoy the sound, and the vibe of (((SUBLIME))) and Long Beach, CA.

At the same time promoting Nowell Foundation, The Surf Rider Foundation, and The Long Beach Rescue Mission, keeping the memory alive, and the music on stage and in your face.

SANTERIA is a (((SUBLIME))) tribute band that will share the music of SUBLIME and the City of Long Beach, CA with you.

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