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Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, Chris moved to NYC in 1970. Coming from a long European musical lineage from his father’s side, got Chris playing piano at age 4 and continued when arriving in New York. At 13, Chris decides to become a professional musician and a few years after having gone through the rock phase, enters the rich world of Soul music, at that time Disco. At 19 Chris signs with RCA Records as a keyboard playing producer/artist and releases the album “fingers,” in the Disco genre, which was the band's name as well as his nickname which was given to him by a fellow musician.

In 1985, Chris opens “fingers” Sound Studios, per the requests of many who heard his demos, so he can play on, arrange and produce their demos and in a few years, the studio became a full-blown commercial facility in Westchester County, NY. Chris produced many musicians/artists, English and Spanish, from Latin to Funk and from Spanish Ballads to Instrumental Music as well as plenty of Rap.

Missing his Latino roots and his endeared Uruguay, Chris always wanted to give back to his people what he learned in the US and within his beloved industry and established the first Pro Audio Exposition for Spanish-speaking Latin America with Studio Sound International. This brought Chris loads of experience and established him in the marketplace, having a very fulfilling 6 years, which were priceless.

After a short rest, Chris and his family moved to California, a place he tried moving to once before and establishes Audio Músico Latino, the first Spanish music industry portal for artists, audio knowledge, etc. This brought Chris to be hired as Director of UEM Español, where he lead the company with the best music industry publications to their first Spanish magazine, EQ en Español. After a short year and the unfortunate event of 9/11 and due to the hit the publishing world took, EQ en Español folded to everyone’s regret.

In 2002 at Summer NAMM, Chris has a meeting, which would lead him to his next phase in life as Director of Sales, Latin America for M-Audio. A short 6 months later, he gets promoted to Director of International Sales, which allows him to continue spreading the gospel of music and its tools with unstoppable passion around the globe. Chris is now back to his entrepreneurial roots again and restarted Studio Sound International as a representation company for Latin-America the region he adores and continues spreading the gospel and passion of music, its related gear and technologies and is hungry to keep on playing all the styles of music he loves. The 1997 "from my soul" CD is on the playlist for all to enjoy Chris' eclectic styles…

As his better half, Elsy is a native of Guatemala, Chris decides to take part residence in Guatemala City a city he’s been visiting for nearly 28 years. As Chris never ceases to play, it’s in his DNA and it will not go away, he’s forming a new band in California and now “fingers” GT in Guatemala, as the richness of playing in many countries with so many different and talented players continues to enrich his musical life – which is, after all, what he was born to do.

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